How about the wear resistance of bimetal composite liner?

Wear resistance of bimetal composite liner:
The bimetallic composite liner is now used in many cement plants, power plants and other enterprises, and the wear resistance of the bimetallic liner has been recognized and loved by these enterprises. However, there is no unified standard and clear statement on how to evaluate the wear resistance of Jiangsu bimetal liner, and it is always in a vague state.
It is complicated to evaluate the wear resistance of bimetallic liner. At present, the practice of peers is to test the surface hardness of the wear layer, and it is believed that the higher the surface hardness, the better the wear resistance. The identifications of surface hardness values are also inconsistent. They are represented by Rockwell hardness (HRC), Vickers hardness (HV), and British Brinell hardness (HB), which are confusing and easy to create illusion and confusion for users.
Hardness is the ability of a metal material to resist the pressure limiting surface of a hard object. The hardness can partly reflect the wear resistance of metal materials, but it is unscientific and one-sided to indicate the wear resistance of metal materials completely according to the hardness, which cannot comprehensively reflect the wear resistance of the wear layer. This paper can comprehensively analyze and evaluate the wear resistance of the bimetal composite liner through the following aspects:
1. Macro Rockwell (HRC) hardness value;
2. Metallographic structure: Metallographic analysis can clearly show the type, quantity, shape, size and distribution of carbides; it can also analyze the basic type composition. It is an important basis for analyzing and evaluating wear resistance.
3. Microhardness (HV) Test the microhardness value of matrix and carbide;
4. Wear amount is measured by wear tester; The wear test shall be conducted by imitating the actual working conditions to test the weight loss or relative wear resistance.
Through the above four aspects of test analysis and comprehensive evaluation of Jiangsu bimetal liner, the wear resistance of bimetal composite liner can be basically evaluated.