Function of bimetal liner

Function of lining plate:
1. Lifting the grinding medium -- balls and sections
2. For grinding
3. Protect the mill barrel
The selection of various lining plates mainly considers the lifting effect on the grinding medium and the running track of the medium.
Lining plates are made of chromium molybdenum alloy steel, medium alloy steel, high chromium cast iron, manganese steel, rubber, polyurethane, etc. The shapes are convex, wavy, angular spiral, etc.
When mainly crushing, the liner plate is required to have a strong lifting capacity for the grinding body, and the liner plate should have good impact resistance. The high manganese steel ZGMn13 has sufficient impact resistance toughness, but it is not wear-resistant and easy to deform. Now, most of the liner plates have been replaced by bimetallic liner plates. Compared with several wear-resistant materials, the bimetal lining plate has better performance and longer service life.