Performance requirements for cold work die steel

Fracture resistance One time brittle fracture resistance: the indicators that can characterize the one-time brittle fracture resistance are the first impact fracture work, compressive strength and bending strength. The above indexes can reflect the breaking resistance of the punch under overload.
Fatigue fracture resistance: It is characterized by the number of fracture cycles displayed under a certain cyclic load or the load value that causes the sample to fracture under a specified number of cycles. It can be reflected by several indicators, such as small energy multiple impact fracture work or multiple impact fracture life, tension compression fatigue strength or fatigue life, contact fatigue strength or contact fatigue life.
Crack fracture resistance: when there are microcracks in the mold, the fracture resistance is greatly reduced. Therefore, the fracture resistance of the cracked body can not be evaluated by various fracture resistances measured by smooth specimens. According to the theory of fracture mechanics, the fracture toughness index can be used to characterize the fracture resistance of crack bodies.