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Bimetal liner

The company's leading products fall into three categories: 1、 Main power industry products; 2、 Special accessories for auxiliary equipment of power station; 3、 Main products of metallurgical mining industry

Product Details

This kind of lining plate adopts mature double liquid vertical pouring process, and the working face and non working face are metallurgical combined, forming in one time. The working face is made of high hardness high alloy high chromium cast iron (HRC ≥ 60 °), which is internationally recognized as the third generation wear-resistant material, and is an excellent material for anti abrasive wear. However, it is brittle, and it is unsafe to directly use it as the ball mill liner. Now a layer of high toughness 35 steel is compounded on the back to solve the overall toughness problem of the liner. The impact toughness of the composite liner is ak>100J/cm ², Available for Φ 2500-5500 any mill. High chromium cast iron is also very resistant to corrosion and wear, so the bimetallic liner is suitable for various wet grinding conditions in acid, medium and alkali. Another major feature of this lining plate is zero maintenance. It is almost free of deformation and fracture. It overcomes the shortcomings of ZGMn13 lining plate, such as slurry leakage and powder leakage caused by deformation, and frequent bolt maintenance and replacement. It really achieves zero maintenance.

key word:

Wear resistant steel bar / Cast steel balls / Forged steel balls

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